Quick online signing using your computer, tablet or mobile phone

No post office visits just 100% certainty

  • For companies, local authorities and individuals
  • Identity verification using Bank iD, MojeID, and NIA (Identita občana).
  • You can fill and sign forms with Podpisovna
  • Podpisovna complies with AML requirements

Podpisovna saves time and money

  • No more endless queues at the post office.
  • No more money wasted on letters, printing the document or moving across the city to sign one.
  • All the documents you signed are available in one place.
  • Online identity verification allows you to be 100% certain about who you sign your documents with.

Easy document upload

  • Upload any PDF document.
  • Add names and emails of people who will sign the document.
  • Pick the needed set of data to be collected from the registers (name and last name, date of birth, address).
  • You can also secure the document using trusted timestamping.

Signature and identity verification

  • Place the signature on the document with just one click.
  • Select a service to verify your identity (Bank iD, MojeID, Identita občana).
  • Simply sign the document by verifying your identity.
  • Send the document for the counterparty to sign.

Downloading document

  • As soon as the document is signed by all the parties, you will receive a download link via email.
  • Your document will have the same binding power as its paper counterpart would.
  • While a paper document may degrade over time, the digital document is timeproof.
  • Sending your digital document is trouble-free - no need to print or scan to proceed.
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Frequently asked questions

Surely. While developing Podpisovna, we put great emphasis on the security of our users and everyone who signs the documents using our service. Whether you sign the documents using your computer, phone or other device, there is no need to worry about your digital safety.

You can sign any PDF document with Podpisovna.

Certainly. Signing documents in Podpisovna is fully in accordance with Czech law, just like the traditional handwritten signature. Moreover, Podpisovna can also verify identity of the signers with 100% reliability, making it even safer than its traditional counterpart.

No. All information necessary for signing documents online and the identity verification is preserved within the registers of the institutions that provides its identity verification services to us (e.g. state, banks).

Signing one document is free, and so is the basic set (name and last name) of data collected from the registers to confirm your identity. Adding your date of birth and address would cost you 25 crowns per person.

Podpisovna puts great emphasis on security of our identity verification. For that reason, the only reliable way to verify your identity is by using the authorised third-party services, such as Bank iD,MojeID or NIA (Identita občana). Starting using either of them is simple - you can register for any specific online and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Companies using Podpisovna to sign online

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