Go with the times and hold corporate elections online

Do you need to elect board members? Or are you facing other important elections in the company or office? You don't have to prepare them for long hours, manually count the results or meet in person. Through Podpisovna, you can reliably organize online elections with 100% verification of the identity of all voters, anytime and anywhere.

They can also take the form of a secret ballot, which ensures anonymity for all voters.

Authentication using Identita občana, MojeID or Bank iD
Availability 24/7
Automatic evaluation of results

You can prepare online elections at the snap of a finger

  • You can easily upload any document in PDF format.
  • Add voting options with a few clicks.
  • You can customize the voting to your needs (including the option of a secret ballot).
  • You determine the duration of the elections or the number of required votes.

Voters vote from a computer and mobile

  • Simple voting from a computer, mobile and tablet.
  • You make the elections available to the public, or only to selected people.
  • All voters reliably verify their identity before the election.
  • You can vote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

No more manual vote counting

  • Podpisovna automatically evaluates all votes.
  • You will receive the results immediately after evaluation by email.
  • You don't have to sift through a pile of papers and store them.
  • Votes and data will be safe even after the elections are over.
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