Creating online forms without errors and typos

You know the situation when: you fill out an online form and don't know what to write in which field. This won't happen to you with Podpisovna. Our online forms will only show you the fields that need to be filled out. In addition, Podpisovna will automatically fill in most of the data for you.

Authentication using Identita občana, MojeID or Bank iD
Availability 24/7
Easily without errors and typos

Easy form preparation

  • You can upload any form in PDF format.
  • By clicking and dragging, you can easily place individual fields to be filled in.
  • Plain text or selection from options - you have various types of fields to choose from.
  • You can edit and republish the form at any time.

Clear completion

  • Available on all types of devices - from mobile to PC.
  • Only the fields that need to be filled in will be displayed.
  • Personal data will be automatically filled in when verifying identity.
  • Automatic error and typo check.

Including electronic signature and verification

  • You can sign the form directly online in Podpisovna.
  • Podpisovna verifies identity using Citizen's Identity, MyID or Bank ID.
  • Thanks to this, you know 100% who filled out the form.
  • The entire process of online completion is thoroughly secured.
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