For municipalities and local authorities

Signing documents online will improve your and the citizens' lives

The amount of paperwork needed to operate a municipality or local authority office is mind-boggling. Signing the documents online could save your office a lot of money. It would also improve the daily life of your employees and the citizens.

Identity verification using the state registers
100% safe
Less citizens in queues
Ease of implementation

Lower the personnel expenses

  • Signing documents online can partially replace the traditional office job.
  • Your municipality or local authority office will save thousands of crowns annually on not having to print the documents.
  • You won't have to waste money on sending the documents via post.
  • Using Podpisovna relieves you of need to invest in an internal system.

Sign forms and contracts

  • With Podpisovna, you can fill and sign any form with the citizens.
  • Similarly, you can sign all the necessary documents online.
  • You can also sign work and internal documents remotely.
  • Moreover, you can sign accounting records or travel orders.

Get rid of the long queues

  • Citizens signing the documents online won't need to wait in queues in the office.
  • Signing documents online will speed up the business processes at your office.
  • You will spare employees the stress so they can focus on the meaningful job instead.
  • Citizens will be excited to do all the paperwork online.
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